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Studio Spot 2

Here are some volley ball photographs taken in studio of Nina.

Check the others on our website:

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Studio sport

We've been testing some sport shots in the studio using gels and so on. Here are a few shots of a soccer guy. Will post more sport stuff next week.

Check our website for some more of the photos.


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The man in the front

The man with the bleeding nose is good friend Calum, lead singer and front man of The Southern River Band. This was shot during the filming of his Video clip "Second Best" at Fridays Studio.

See more of our portraits here;

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Studio B

The new yoga studio, Studio B wanted some photos for their advertising and sovcial media imulating the calm of our "Floating Bits" underwater series but in colour. The idea would have some kind of shiffon rapped around the models rather than a total nude shoot.

This was shot with a underwater housing in the pool tethered back to a computer. Please check the rest of the photos on our website.

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Straya Day

The yearly Australia Day Wedge Island Cricket Match was on the weekend with your typical larrikins.

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Isabel Kruger posted on

These photos are fantastic! Feels like they should be made into a movie. Set styling - done. Characters - done. Story? Must involve Emu Export :)

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Summer Series

Longing for summer? Yes we all are!! Specially in these cold days... Check the rest of the series on our new website. YES we have a new website!! So for those who haven't checked it as yet, please do so and tell us what you think.


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