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Zorzi South rebrand

Zorzi South rebranded and needed some photos to show more the lifestyle of Adrian in the south Region amongst other photos.

Styling: Zara Bryson @ Peach & Pineapple.

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Even when I am on Holidays, I always carry a camera! I can't help it! This is what I do! This is what I love!!! So while in Mauritus on holidays with my kids, Illona's the girl next door in Tamarin who gave me two hours of her time.

Thanks to Bikini Atoll for the bikini's provided

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Westons Barber Shop for Tigertale

We got contacted by Tigertale, the inflight magazine of Tiger Airways based in Singapore, who wanted some photos on a story they were planning on the barbershops around Australia. Westons Barber Shop on William Street in Northbridge was selected for the WA leg. A fun time with the guys!

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Sun no sun

What would happen if your shoot brief needed to incorporate sun flare and yet on the day the sun totally disapears behind cloud covers? Well, you'd compromise!! Using flash light we were able to recreate what wasn't there.

Stylist: KT Crocker, Hair: Julie Duplock @ Lexington, Models: Sonya@Viviens, Tahnee@Chadwick

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Outdoor Photography for MAPTO

It's been a hectic last few months and during that time we got to shoot for the Peel Region for their outdoor campaign "Anytime Adventures". Here are few shots from the our favourite two shoots.

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I want to get away from you...

Shot in North Bondi.

Model: Elle @ IMG -  Stylist: Lesiele Hallame @ Begged Borrowed Stolen - Assistant Stylist: Emily Powell - Hair & Makeup: Katie Angus

Clothing From: Kaliver, This is First Base, Baby likes to Pony, Lucette and Eska Alikai. 

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Joanna on the rocks

A quick shoot while we were in Sydney!

Model: Joanna Leahy, location: North Bondi

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Mariella posted on

You guys are the best

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SKYY Vodka

Last month, we got a call from our agent in Sydney regarding shooting for SKYY VODKA! The campaign was super cool but it had to be shot in two weeks as they were on deadlines already. KT Crocker did an amazing job on the styling with the help of Elana Rosa. It was two huge weeks of incredible long hours but we managed to pull it off with everything signed off by the client.

Thanks to all being involved and putting the time and effort. Special thanks to KT Crocker and Elana Rosa for always being there, and Anette for the incredible hair! Thanks to Clinton for the vote of confidence! Thanks also to the designers; Jomay Cao, Aurelio Costorella. Jemma Aird for her garage! Rosie for her Kitchen and her house! Garry for his studio and Sam @the Fruit Basket for being a good sport!

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Nikki posted on

Love the campaign guyys! Looks FAB. Amazing work.

Clinton Bell posted on

Great job boys! Thanks to you and your extended network of talented westerners for helping us out of our sticky situation. Special thanks to Joclyn @ FLIP for pushing this through, and lunch. Clint (AJF)

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