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Alkimos Reef for MC Saatchi

A Couple of months back now, we were outsourced by MC Saatchi Sydney to do a shoot for a local client. It was a one day shoot that was pretty full on! They required ten different shots, with different locations and with different talents and with some in the water so with the help of Kate Downie (Beautiful pictures) who produced it locally, we managed to get it done on time!!

From the feedback we had from the agency, the client was over the moon with what was produced.

These are a few shots that were released but there should be more coming up as they roll out their advertising campaign.

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Minnie Tan posted on

Ian, always great work! The shoot for MC Saatchi is beautiful, as expected. Well Done! It's great to see things from a photographer's point of view, you guys see such beautiful things!

Brett Novak posted on

Really nice work here guys! :)

gwynneth - gDesign posted on

our beautiful coast line... love the 'paddling out' shot. what a full on and rewarding day you all must have had. looking forward to seeing the rest of the shoot!

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Happy Birthday StyleAid

StyleAid celebrated 15 years of Fashion and to help out we offered to capture the going ons backstage on Polaroid Film.

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Ranger's Land

Erick got to go to Kununurra to shoot a Ranger's program for the area. The area is absolutely magic specially from the air!! These pictures were shot with the Leica S2 and some up to 180/s. I still can't beleive how sharp the images came out.

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Jennifer Gaye Design

Friend of mine, Jennifer Gaye, is a designer and ask me to do a shoot of her necklaces. Shot in Fremantle in this real quirky shop with the Leica S2.

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N posted on

What shop in fremantle was this?

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Fluir Magazine

Cover of Fluir Magazine of Brazilian Thiago Camarao at the Box in Margaret River. Stocked...

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Grant Windsor

Grant Windsor, Jazz pianist from Perth, established in London shot at the Ellington Jazz Club - April 2012.
Leica S2, 70mm Lens f4@1/25s.

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