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Brant Garvey for HBF

Brant Garvey is very inspirational! He is one healthy fit guy that is aiming for the Tokyo Olympics. These were shot at the back of a TVC so little or no time given but we made sure that we communicated well with the Director,  DOP and producer to get the best outcome.

Agency: The Works


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Courtney Atkinson for Red Bull

Courtney is a Triathlete that has competed in the olympics. This time he was on a project of running/climbing the highest peak of each state in Australia part of a Red Bull initiative. I flew to Newman on Friday afternoon to race to the top of Mount Meharry and to depart back to Perth 9.30am on Saturday morning. The drive from the base of Mount Meharry was very four wheel drive!! So much bounce that we got stuck on a rock. Courtney kept on running! He didn't stop! He was like a machine!! After the run, we camped in the ouback watching the stars overhead - Good times.

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Drinks are on us!

The beginning of the year saw us taking some photos fo Virtuoso Magazine in New York of the best bars in Perth. Needless to say it was a good assignment!!

Bars:: Petition Bar - The Standard - Ezra Pounds - Helevetica - Sneaky Tony

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Trekking the coast for Emergence

The guys at Emergence Festival ask us to give a workshop to inspire young photographers this year so we did one on how to handle a photoshoot brief from start to finish! This showed photographers how to  handle the brief, write a treatment, how to brief a stylist and make up artist and work as a team. Then we went out and showed them how we would shoot it.  We only had three hours for the whole thing from start to finish. Above are a few photos from the shoot.

Big thanks to Emergence and in particular Lauren Tricket for the organization. Stylist - Coco Adrian, Make Up and Hair - Michelle and Jess @ Edward Scissorhands, Riversmith for the location and last but not least Camera Electronic for the support, promotion of the event, promo bags and camera gear. Thanks to our talents - Bobbie, Ren and Michael.



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Iluma for Mirvac

In February, it was early mornings and late nights spent in the Swan Valley area to get an erray of photos for Mirvac's new development. The hero shots were the most dificult so to find the right balance of background, light and creativity but in all very rewarding to have pushed ourselves to achieve what we did. Thanks to Juicebox for the vote of confidence!

Make up: KT Crocker

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Isabel posted on

Stunning, love these

Nicolino Giangiordano posted on

As always, beautiful images boys. Well done.

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Road Ready for RAC

Last Year we were commisioned to do the photos for the branding of Road Ready for RAC. We sat down with them conveying our feelings regarding the brand and what they needed to understand regarding youth. The shoot was pretty full on with lots of images to achieve during the day but we kept the fun up and the images came out a treat.

Agency: JWT, Producer: Flipp Management, Stylist & Make Up Artist: KT Crocker, 

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New York style Studio opens in Perth

Well What a ride last year was! For a whole year we fought with the council to open a new space.. For those not in the know we have opened a New York / Sydney style Photographic Studio in West Perth specifically to rent out to photographers. Offering the latest Profoto Equipment for all photographers wanting to up their game. The space is also available for videographers whishing to shoot there and for hire for any other purpose.

We have already welcome some big names such as Russel James, Allan Myles and many more and have seen shoot for Women' Day, Men's Style Magazine, RAC, Bed Shed, JWT, 303MullenLowe and others. Some music videos and a documentary on Brett Whiteley.

So please come and visit as the place has been specifically built to help photographers produce better outcome in their photography for their client.

The studio is located at 13 Old Aberdeen Place, West Perth. Mob: 0419 045 630 - Insta @fridaysstudio - Website yet to come.

Happy New Year to all!


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