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The right talent means a lot to us! It means you can get the right look, attitude and feel in your photos! Talent being one of the many important things like styling, great make up and hair, location and the list goes on. In fact there is not one thing that is less important than the others. They are all equally important and they come together to create some beautiful photos. This is a little job we did for the wonderful people at Mindarie Keys with the help of a great team through Humaan and Marcus Canning!

Here are just a snippet of what was shot on the day!

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M for Portrait!

A few portrait of the leading men at M Group for their rebrand in Black and white! Just the way we like it!!

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Roland posted on

A great portrait set. The subtle flair colour is genius.

Ric Cairns posted on

Digging the rainbow flares on the mono shots, boys.

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It's all about Fishing!

The last couple of months saw us travelling accross the south west for a project for the Fishing Council. From Albany to Perth we went with fishermen in their environment to capture what they do. An exciting jobs where we met great people and experience the freshest catch. The photos here are just a small part of what we captured as we couldn't fit everything in.

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Shooting for Wild Turkey American Honey

What do you get when you mix a cool rooftop, a great drink and a group of friends? A good time with Honey, Dry and Lime!

The brief was cool! It's always nice to work with a great creative advertising agency! Shot on a Roof top in Sydney, everything had to come together in the shot. The foreground, party goers and background. A complicated shoot which the good people at AJF trusted us to accomplish. Everything was tricky! As the light was going down, the right light on the bottle, the light on the talent, the background light, at the same time directing the talent! Camera set on tripod, plates were taken and the shoot was done in one afternoon!

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Lino posted on

Once again, well done and beautiful result.

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Anna Flanagan for Red Bull

Anna Flanagan is a Hockey player from the Australian team. One of only 6 woman sponsored by Red Bull in the world. This kind of shows you the level she is in! She has her target set on the next Olympics. The brief was to shoot a combination of Lifestyle, Portrait and Action photos for Red Bull Content Pool.

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Short Back and Sidewalks

We always try to give back to the community when we can so when we received a phone call from a group that is trying to give free haircut for the homeless we jump on the occasion. Juicebox are the guys creating the website, we were ask to photograph the projects, Ta-Ku is doing some videoing and Westons Barbershop are giving there time for free to help the homeless get back some dignity. It's not just looking good but also about feeling good! You know when you are sitting in that chair and getting a good haircut, it feels sensational!!!

Here are some photos from the first take we had last months. Check the website at and support when you can!



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Flat Tummy Tea

Flat Tummy Tea is a brand that needed photos with attitude , charisma and energy for their campaign. So we set out to source location and real models to do the shoot.


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Aniqua in the studio

Aniqua is one amazing girl with a confidence to match! We met Aniqua on a shoot we did for a client and realized how beautiful she truly is. So I couldn't help ask if she could pose for us which she happily agreed.

Thanks AdyArupe for the Make up!

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PADC Diamond Skulls 2014 - Photographer of the year

Well, what a ride this was! Picking up Photographer of the year of the PADC Diamond Skulls Award 2014 at Emergence last Monday. Thanks for those who nominated us, Thanks to everyone who voted for us, Thanks to the presenters of the award. Thanks to Emergence for putting up a great past three days. Looking forward of doing more great work with our existing clients and those that haven't work with us yet.

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Time for a pool shoot!

Last year, we got to work and colaborate with some wonderful creatives at JWT. They came up with a great concept to shoot underwater for the "Women and Infants Research Foundation". It is meant to look like an adult fetus to show the importance of going the whole nine months as it impacts as a stronger person later on in life. 

Thanks to Cath T. and Dave for the pool and our three brave models. Thanks to BK for the helping hand! And the guys at Cream who did a wonderful work in post.

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