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A quick trip in Bali for an advertising shoot and we deceided to stay a couple of days more to do a couple of photos. Thanks for your time James!

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I had the opportunity to travel to Madagascar to do some work and took time also to get some black and white photos in between shoots. This place is so big, it takes time to go from one side to the other! There is still so much of the old Africa you can find there!! 

Shot on 6x6 TriX Film with a Hasselblad.

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Mikee S posted on

Awesome shots guys.

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Floating Bits Exhibition

We currently have an exhibition at Linton and Kay Gallery in the city that is running from the 9th to the 23rd of April. Go and check it out if you have time. Thank you Corona for the great beers and Larry Cherubino Wines for the fantastic wines!

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Diana posted on

Hey there! It was really wonderful to meet you both! I was so inspired by your exhibit and work. I did a little write up on it on my own blog urging people to go have a look over at Linton and Kay Gallery. And put up a few of my underwater pics from around the world, too. Here's a link: Smiles! Diana WEAR/TO/

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Imagine S/A Magazine

Shoot of again the Galleria Shopping Centre Magazine for Summer/Autumn.

Photog Assistant: Brent Hatton, Styling/MUA: KT Crocker, Hair: Julie Duplock@Lexington , Models: Bronx@Viviens, Danny@Viviens, Nicola@freelance, Zac@freelance

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Michael posted on

Very nice.

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Splash me, Splash you!

Summer is still with us! Nothing better than a nice dip in the morning!

Models: Daniel Enderes, Garance Camison

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Chuck Berry goes Pink for Red Bull

I flew to Esperance last week for Red Bull to capture Chuck Berry flying with his wingsuit over Lake Hillier on Middle Island. It's a four hour drive by boat to Middle island from Esperance so the team woke up at 3.00am so we could start shooting early! The lake is incredible from up there in the chopper!! Such a contrast to the blue ocean and the land. Chuck is so fast, I had to use my three cameras with 24-70mm, 70-200mm and 300mm lens to keep up!! Bang, bang, bang one after the other... It's a hard shoot as you need to align yourself with the Rider and the pink lake so only when the three comes together that you have the shot while he is going down at incredible speed!!

Photo credit: Tungsten/Red Bull Content Pool

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BK posted on

Awesome guys! Jealous MUCH .. lol !!

Dave posted on

Gr8 to see it in print so quick - travel home safe bro

giles tovey posted on

that was you? Amazing shot and I'm positive I have no idea of the challenges you faced getting it. Nice work and nice to see it in The West.

Niek posted on

Awesome guys

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The end of the road

He drove the Kingswood, she came for the ride...

Model: Erin Hannah @ Emg / Scene Model Management  - MUA: Ali Pavlinocich

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Kel Smith posted on

Another amazing shoot, well done guys and thanks for sharing

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