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Just a few photos of Creed Mctaggart at North Point that Erick did this Summer.

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Hanalei R.

I first shot Hanalei in Hawaii when she was 16 and it was great to catch up and do some more stuff with her in Sydney! Since then she has grown to be a professional model and now has just been made the face of Lancaster Sport!

Thanks to Raphaele for styling, Lauren Checkley for Make Up and Yoav Cohen for Hair!

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Erick and I went to Sydney for a few appointments taking a few snap in between meetings...

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On a still night

When it's dark, You are never alone at night....

Make up: Simone Colella

Model: Gorgeous Model with great body!

Photog Assistant: BK

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Galleria Shoot SS12

Worked with 303Lowe for Centro Galleria back in January that got released not so long ago. All the photos on the day were taken with the Leica S2. Thanks to Alex Miller for being a great assistant.

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The house Down South

Jennifer Gaye ask me again to shoot her new NecArt range, and was lucky to shoot it in this amazing house in Meelup!

MUA - Nicola Theil, Model - Sinead Taylor,  Styling - Jennifer Gaye, Thanks to Drew Quaternaine @ Quaine (the builder).

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Reminiscing Cuba

A few years back, we had organized a photoshoot with Fidel Castro in Cuba yet when we got there in turned out to be a nightmare and the government controlling our everymove! So we decided to go underground and did our own things. It was an experience I'll never forget. The coffee, the cigars, the music, the dancing, the girls... just unbeleivable!! We also had an appointment with Ernest Hemmingway's the old man from the old man and the sea. Three days before we got there, he passed away! His son, Miguel, showed us around his father's little house. 

We took photos of Ernest's pool (Empty then) where you can still visualize Ava Gardner swimming naked! We had coffee everyday and drinking mojitos and smoking cigars at night! The vibe was spectacular...

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Giles Tovey posted on

I love this Cuban shoot. It shows a place full of fun and promise but also full of despair. It's kind of joyous and disturbing at the same time. Similar in how you describe the shoot as a nightmare, but spent your time drinking mojitos, smoking cigars and meeting legends... Nice work chaps.

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