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Lose Yourself Somewhere Exhibition

O'Neill organized an exhibition a couple of weeks ago which we were part of. Five photographers from each state exhibiting what they perceived as " Lose Yourself Somewhere". Corona provided the beer, The rhum was flowing and O'Neill outdone themselves by looking after everything!! Thanks for everyone that came!! Here are a few snaps from it.

Thanks to Gavin Carvalho for the snaps!

You can view a lot more images of the night on our Facebook.

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Polaroid Honda

We got commissioned on a cool little project to take some photos of old bikes and make a little book out of it. The bikes are going to auction on Saturday and they wanted to keep a little memo of them. Here are few samples of those great bikes!

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Simon Neilson posted on

Totally cooool ...... The bikes and the shots!

Antony posted on

Great bikes and nice shots chaps. Well done.

Roger Thevenau posted on

Well done Ian and Erik. So stoke to see those old bikes! When are you coming to Mauritius again! See you soon . Roger. Tamarin Bay Surf School.

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Spring for Galleria

Another shoot for the Sping catalogue of galleria we did.

Models: Sarah & Scott, Stylist: Des Eddy, Producer: Charis@Six, Art Director: Michael Sequeira@303Lowe. All images shot with the Leica S.

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Cover of Magnet Magazine!

Kevin Parker, the lead singer of Tame Impala, is probably the most quiet down to earth guy you could meet, not the sort of being loud or creating havock in any place! Shooting him was a challenge to reflect his personality and athough we were trying hard to get Kevin to do things, what we got at the end was exactly Kevin... The photos reflects his personality!!!!

Jonathan Valania, the writer, flew from Philli to interview him for US magazine, Magnet issue 102.

On location in Fremantle thanks to the Fremantle Ports Authority.

Shot with the Leica S

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Island Girl!

What is a girl to do alone on an island!!! Can't beleive these shacks are just on our doorsteps!!

Model - Sunny L., MUA - Ady@faceformation



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Run Lola, run...

How do you shoot a campaign in winter looking like summer? Well location is key! We got called up to do this shot for this industrial  Vaccum Cleaner that runs on batteries with only a couple of days before dealine. The brief was very creative for a vaccum cleaner I thought, and we had to look for a location that was quite arid without travelling too much out of town... The answer lied with us being lucky that roadworks were getting done on a road north, where they cleared quite a bit of the vegetation around the road fo future development, which was perfect. The Recci done, we sent a quick proof to the Ad agency for approval and we were shooting on location the next day. Quickest call and shoot we ever had!! Who says things can't be done in a hurry!!!

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Underground Boxing

As a hole in the ground, boxing finds it's place in the tough neighborhood! Shot in Buenos Aires.

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Lino posted on

dark, moody and beautiful. Well done Tungsten

Claire posted on

Looks like the basement under my office! Love the shots.

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Got to do some lifestyle pics while in Argentina with the gorgeous Alina courtesy of Civiles Model Agency.

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