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Drinks are on us!

The beginning of the year saw us taking some photos fo Virtuoso Magazine in New York of the best bars in Perth. Needless to say it was a good assignment!!

Bars:: Petition Bar - The Standard - Ezra Pounds - Helevetica - Sneaky Tony

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Andrew Forrest for the Wall Street Journal

Andrew is a country boy at heart! He came in fashionably late but refused to wear anything else but what he brought over (to the disapointment of the stylist). Mind you he had a beautiful suit on anyway!. This portrait was commissionned for the Wall Street Journal in New York. 

Stylist: KT Crocker, MUA: Raquel Alessi

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Sun no sun

What would happen if your shoot brief needed to incorporate sun flare and yet on the day the sun totally disapears behind cloud covers? Well, you'd compromise!! Using flash light we were able to recreate what wasn't there.

Stylist: KT Crocker, Hair: Julie Duplock @ Lexington, Models: Sonya@Viviens, Tahnee@Chadwick

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Imagine S/A Magazine

Shoot of again the Galleria Shopping Centre Magazine for Summer/Autumn.

Photog Assistant: Brent Hatton, Styling/MUA: KT Crocker, Hair: Julie Duplock@Lexington , Models: Bronx@Viviens, Danny@Viviens, Nicola@freelance, Zac@freelance

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Very nice.

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Imagine Summer 13/14

Centro Galleria Summer Catalogue shot in November last year.

Photo Assistant: Greg Lewis - Stylist/MUA: KT Croker - Hair: Julie Duplock@Lexington - Models: Jessica, Eva & Kristy@Viviens

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Cover of Magnet Magazine!

Kevin Parker, the lead singer of Tame Impala, is probably the most quiet down to earth guy you could meet, not the sort of being loud or creating havock in any place! Shooting him was a challenge to reflect his personality and athough we were trying hard to get Kevin to do things, what we got at the end was exactly Kevin... The photos reflects his personality!!!!

Jonathan Valania, the writer, flew from Philli to interview him for US magazine, Magnet issue 102.

On location in Fremantle thanks to the Fremantle Ports Authority.

Shot with the Leica S

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