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New York style Studio opens in Perth

Well What a ride last year was! For a whole year we fought with the council to open a new space.. For those not in the know we have opened a New York / Sydney style Photographic Studio in West Perth specifically to rent out to photographers. Offering the latest Profoto Equipment for all photographers wanting to up their game. The space is also available for videographers whishing to shoot there and for hire for any other purpose.

We have already welcome some big names such as Russel James, Allan Myles and many more and have seen shoot for Women' Day, Men's Style Magazine, RAC, Bed Shed, JWT, 303MullenLowe and others. Some music videos and a documentary on Brett Whiteley.

So please come and visit as the place has been specifically built to help photographers produce better outcome in their photography for their client.

The studio is located at 13 Old Aberdeen Place, West Perth. Mob: 0419 045 630 - Insta @fridaysstudio - Website yet to come.

Happy New Year to all!


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Big nose is best!

Try to find yourself a man and a woman with a big nose to advertize how big their shnowzer is!! Easy to get a guy but to get a girl that is proud of her nose is no easy task. But like I said to the numerous talent that I meet all the time, "be proud of who you are"! Natalie here, was certainly wearing her nose with pride!

Dob your girlfriend and mate  into this competition to get crown as the biggest nose in Australia!!

Advertising Agency: JWT, MUA and Styling: KT Crocker.

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Andrew Forrest for the Wall Street Journal

Andrew is a country boy at heart! He came in fashionably late but refused to wear anything else but what he brought over (to the disapointment of the stylist). Mind you he had a beautiful suit on anyway!. This portrait was commissionned for the Wall Street Journal in New York. 

Stylist: KT Crocker, MUA: Raquel Alessi

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Westcoast Eagles shot for Bankwest

For those who do not know, Erick and I have been shooting sport for a long time as we were the senior photographers of Tracks magazine for over 15 years. We've also worked on numerous occasion for Redbull and Nike and other brands for their sport requirements. So when it comes to shoot the Eagles at speed it was a no brainer for us. Specially using the Profoto gear that freezers any action sharply. 

Profoto range of lights makes shooting sport a breeze! With their high speed sync you don't have to rely anymore on speedlights to be able to get high power lights doing the job properly. We've been shooting with profoto for over a decade and are well used to shooting sports with it.

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Daniel Ricciardo for Red Bull

What a year so far it's been! Erick and I have taken on a new Studio which we are renovating. But will soon post something about that! In the meantime lots of things have happened since December. First up Red Bull contacted us for a stunt that Daniel Ricciardo did in Perth. We have a long relationship with Red Bull and they are always a great brand to work for. 

There is no introduction needed for Daniel Ricardo but for sure the guy is super nice! Here are a couple of pics from the pit and on the track of him.

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Burn off

On the side of the Festival mentioned in my previous post. I got to shoot some cane cutters burning off excess dry foliage on the ground! Take a look...

Shot on the island of Mauritius.

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