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Daring Match

That time back when Match decided to be a little daring with the help of the good people at Block Branding.

Creative Director: Mark Braddock  - Copywriter (back then): Melita Masters. 

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Festival of PORLWI

It's been a hectic three months and one being invited to do a photoshoot for a festival in Mauritius. The idea was two spend two weeks on the island shooting three concept which would be printed into posters plastered around the capital, Port Louis, with a QCode imbeded in the image. Clicking on the QCode would give you the rest of the shoot from the one poster, all in a video, kind of behind the scene type of thing. So during those two weeks, I was racing around the island grabing what I could while dodging torretial rain! Organization was a key and lucky I could pull out the trump card of once being a local to gather people that could make things happen. They put me into a five star Hotel which I didn't have time for a swim because of the busy schedule! The trhee shoot had to be done in a week to allow printing time. So in between I would allow myself for personal work, shooting what I could and what was available to me. Here are a few of what I gathered during that time and catching up with some friends.  One of the images below is that guys at night walking around the street and putting up the posters! All I missed really, was my wife and kids to be with me!!

The PORLWI by light festival was a huge sucess  due to the reluctant effort of a very talented team of people!

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Summer of 79

A creative collaboration
Ian & Erick and David Collier
@iananderick @davidcollier
Travel back in time on a summer holiday with a bunch of mates and bring back memories of those hot endless summer days. Just get in the car and take off to go surfing, run amok, hang out and enjoy a few drinks after a long fun day in the sun.
Set in 1979 our cast travels north of Perth, Western Australia to the coastal town of Lancelin. 
Marie Bradley, Ena Cup, Orielle Pearce, Libby Skender, Isobelle Stanley, Rosie Woodward, 
Styling – Belinda Brenton, Styling assistant – Charlotte Egan
Hair & Make up – Katie Wilson @katiewilsonmakeupartist
Surfboard and Bike - Thanks Tonton Wayno! and Nakano for the house we stayed in.
Wardrobe thanks to Brownies lifestyle store , Bobby & Olive , Zomp Shoes , Marie Claire Shoes

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