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Floating Bits Exhibition

We currently have an exhibition at Linton and Kay Gallery in the city that is running from the 9th to the 23rd of April. Go and check it out if you have time. Thank you Corona for the great beers and Larry Cherubino Wines for the fantastic wines!

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Diana posted on

Hey there! It was really wonderful to meet you both! I was so inspired by your exhibit and work. I did a little write up on it on my own blog urging people to go have a look over at Linton and Kay Gallery. And put up a few of my underwater pics from around the world, too. Here's a link: Smiles! Diana WEAR/TO/

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Polaroid Honda

We got commissioned on a cool little project to take some photos of old bikes and make a little book out of it. The bikes are going to auction on Saturday and they wanted to keep a little memo of them. Here are few samples of those great bikes!

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Simon Neilson posted on

Totally cooool ...... The bikes and the shots!

Antony posted on

Great bikes and nice shots chaps. Well done.

Roger Thevenau posted on

Well done Ian and Erik. So stoke to see those old bikes! When are you coming to Mauritius again! See you soon . Roger. Tamarin Bay Surf School.

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