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Mr Yagi for Under Armour

The prospect to go and shoot in Hong Kong for any photographer is quite exciting, but when a pandemic is approaching and during Chinese New Year, the outlook is scary to say the least. This is how I made my way to Japan. Three days before, the shoot was cancelled and within one week we were off to Japan to shoot for Under Armour.

The runner, Mr Yagi, is being filmed for a video piece for the Olympic. Kind of one day in the life of and they wanted some specific shots for their campaign of Under Armour shoes labelled TYO.

7 days of planes, buses, recci, shoots, good food and a bit lack of sleep. The worse was thinking there would be no problem in Japan but landing at the airport had to face a barrage of people coming from Hong Kong then from Beijing and I thought if I am going to be infected it's here!!! But all good!... cough cough... :)

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Re-Res of Tahiti

Sometime ago when I was in Tahiti , I decided to take photos of the Re-Res. Re-res are the word to described the first male born that has become effeminate due to their duty of helping their mother for everything she does. For decades they have been accepted in the Tahitian society and it's quite fascibnating how much they are embraced by girls who always wants them on their sports team at school.

Shot on 6x6 Film.

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Studio Sport 2

Here are some volley ball photographs taken in studio of Nina.

Check the others on our website:

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The man in the front

The man with the bleeding nose is good friend Calum, lead singer and front man of The Southern River Band. This was shot during the filming of his Video clip "Second Best" at Fridays Studio.

See more of our portraits here;

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Straya Day

The yearly Australia Day Wedge Island Cricket Match was on the weekend with your typical larrikins.

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These photos are fantastic! Feels like they should be made into a movie. Set styling - done. Characters - done. Story? Must involve Emu Export :)

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Sisonke Msimang for the Wall Street Journal

A portrait shoot of the South African activist writer Sisonke Msimang for the Wall Street Journal. Shot at Fridays studio and at her home in Subiaco.

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Daring Match

That time back when Match decided to be a little daring with the help of the good people at Block Branding.

Creative Director: Mark Braddock  - Copywriter (back then): Melita Masters. 

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