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Mr Yagi for Under Armour

The prospect to go and shoot in Hong Kong for any photographer is quite exciting, but when a pandemic is approaching and during Chinese New Year, the outlook is scary to say the least. This is how I made my way to Japan. Three days before, the shoot was cancelled and within one week we were off to Japan to shoot for Under Armour.

The runner, Mr Yagi, is being filmed for a video piece for the Olympic. Kind of one day in the life of and they wanted some specific shots for their campaign of Under Armour shoes labelled TYO.

7 days of planes, buses, recci, shoots, good food and a bit lack of sleep. The worse was thinking there would be no problem in Japan but landing at the airport had to face a barrage of people coming from Hong Kong then from Beijing and I thought if I am going to be infected it's here!!! But all good!... cough cough... :)

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